WhiteHotCloud deploys a mix of highly successful business and IT professionals who work side-by-side with executives across their organizations to define and create information systems that will allow them to receive the guidance they need in time to make winning business decisions.

WhiteHotCloud uses leading cloud BI platforms such as Tableau to build, deploy, and manage valuable decision-making BI cloud solutions. Oftentimes, these projects require extensive, real-time, global data integrations and powerful compute capabilities and expansive storage. Additionally, given the vast amount of unstructured data coming into our information streams each minute, customer systems typically need to be geared for Big Data, mobile, and social feeds, which tend to go far beyond the relational data storage and conventional data analysis that exist in the enterprise today. Moreover, given that much of this data is highly sensitive, GRC and Privacy issues must be handled on the front-end, while planning the security and access privileges for the data movement worldwide.

WhiteHotCloud assists our customers with choosing the right technology partners to fit these complex solutions, while putting an emphasis on agile access to and development of future solutions to support quickly evolving business requirements. The reality is that the business and technology environments are changing so fast today, that openness and platform flexibility are key to achieving the business edge that executives are seeking today from their IT investments in BI.

Bringing up a successful BI system deployment is completely dependent on the quality and experience of the resources that are assigned to the job. WhiteHotCloud provides some of the most experienced BI technology and business information analytics consultants in the field today. We believe that a powerful BI solution in the cloud is the enterprise’s best offense in an increasingly competitive world. WhiteHotCloud can help give your organization that winning edge.