WhiteHotCloud is focused on Workday as the premier HCM solution in the market today and in the foreseeable future, from a capabilities, agility, ease of use and ROI perspective.

Workday HCM integration with legacy, third party applications and SaaS based solutions, via APIs throughout the enterprise is crucial, as businesses evolve and adopt a “best of breed” approach to their enterprise ecosystem.

WhiteHotCloud works with customers to strategically migrate HCM business processes from legacy and 3rd party services onto the Workday platform. Our HCM migration unlocks tremendous ROI by assisting our customers in transforming their IT and business processes, in re-skilling and re-deploying resources for higher-value-added functions, and by dramatically reducing their legacy support and maintenance budgets. WhiteHotCloud goes beyond exceptional technology and support solutions to include change management of organizational behavioral issues that frequently arise in HCM projects, which oftentimes work mightily against successful implementations and user adoption.

A Successful HCM Migration Requires Expert Integration Capabilities

Workday’s market-leading HCM suite covers an extensive number of applications that merge human resources, talent management, recruiting, benefits, financials and more into a single platform. However, there is often much needed integration to fully deploy a solution which will replace your current legacy systems in all of their current functionality.

WhiteHotCloud has deep functional and technical expertise in both the Workday platform, as well as the necessary supporting skills in enterprise integration, security, architecture, technical project management, and compliance. Our consultants also have broad technical experiences beyond EIB and the Workday Studio, which will ensure that we will be able to deliver your project on-time and on-budget, even when considering that your particular environment may include custom legacy code and other less common legacy or industry-specific solutions that need to be migrated into your HCM effort.

WhiteHotCloud HCM cloud migration solutions are highly successful projects that deliver enterprise cloud systems for our customers that far outperform their legacy predecessors on price, performance, maintenance and support personnel requirements. We will deliver to you the full value possible by deploying your HCM legacy to cloud migration project with our technical and business experts.