WhiteHotCloud has the expertise to design a managed services program that aligns with your cloud migration needs. We can deliver platform, application and security-level experts to ensure that you have a customized managed services program that scales to your cloud solution, and has the flexibility to scale up and down with your business needs.

Our focus is in developing, implementing, and supporting customer system migrations, which transition internally run and/or externally-hosted legacy applications to managed, cloud based business solutions. WhiteHotCloud has a clearly defined approach around the migration to cloud systems, including business process redefinition, which we leverage to help our customers maximize their internal strengths, as well as augment internal deficiencies.

WhiteHotCloud addresses specific business drivers for a managed services solution, such as “sunset compliance” requirements, which provide the ability to keep a system available to meet government agency compliance reporting requirementswhile the system is in the process of “sun setting.” Transitional roadmaps are another frequently requested client requirement, where we assist with designing and implementing a strategy, schedule and roster that will meet a specific target, as part of a larger, more complex enterprise cloud migration. Solutions such as these offer attractive options for the enterprise, at a fraction of the cost, and without engaging costly IT resources, or creating business distractions.

WhiteHotCloud has in-depth expertise in helping our customers develop specific cloud strategies from a managed services perspective to meet unique business scenarios, aggressive business objectives and tight transition timelines.