James Eisenberg is an experienced technology executive who has successfully developed and led international software teams across four continents over the prior 20 years. James helped establish and grow Ernst & Young’s entrepreneurial consulting practice –  a $300M software practice supporting high growth companies in North America. He has built venture-funded enterprise software and services firms from the ground up, in North America and India, serving leading global organizations in the government and private sectors. James is an expert in technology-led business process transformation, coupled with organizational development, and enjoys consulting with organizations interested in increasing revenues and efficiencies, while developing the capabilities of their teams and executive leadership. Most recently, James has been leading WhiteHotCloud in deploying innovative cloud solutions for their unique ability to both create competitive, top line revenue growth, while driving efficiency-driven bottom-line cost savings, enabling rapid and tremendous ROI for his clients. James enjoys public speaking at Universities and in world government ministries, and has been an invited speaker at The United Nations on the topic of technology and sustainability. James earned his MBA from Yale University, and is an active mentor to college and graduate students developing social venture enterprises in the San Francisco Bay Area.